Prym Love - As you are

Colourful embroidery accessories for beginners and experienced embroiderers

Embroidery is in fashion and is also easy for absolute beginners to learn. Our new Prym Love Embroidery Collection is perfect for those who want to learn to embroider. As well as our embroidery scissors, needle case, needle threader and thread bobbins we also offer a new Embroidery Starter Set for Beginners.

Prym Love Embroidery Set

The Embroidery Starter Set for beginners.

In our new set you will find everything you need for embroidery.

  • embroidery needles in a needle case
  • Aqua-Trickmarker marking pen
  • needle threader
  • thread bobbin without thread
  • instructions for basic embroidery stitches
  • Prym embroidery scissors
  • embroidery frame small
  • mini pincushion

Embroider with #AsYouAre

Embroider your message to the world.

Have you sometimes not felt content with yourself just as you are? And has there never been a moment when you simply wanted someone to encourage you simply to be yourself and to stand up for yourself? Be an example to others, show that you are #AsYouAre and encourage more self-love.

Use the hash tag #AsYouAre, become creative, make a video or embroider your message for more self-love to the world.

5 embroidery patterns for more self-love

We have commissioned 5 international embroiderers to design embroidery patterns for more self-love and acceptance. Be inspired by their embroidery instructions for beginners and experienced embroiderers.

Mirror, my love!

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My body is a garden

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Selflove - Perfect imperfect!

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The power within

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Iconic Botanical Beret

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Our products in use

Needle threader

With our needle threader you can thread your embroidery thread effortlessly into the needle. Simply insert the needle threader through the eye of the needle, place the thread over the hook and pull through.

Assortment of embroidery needles in needle case with magnet

Exceptional quality plastic needle case with an assortment of sharp and blunt embroidery needles, which are held in place by a magnet and are therefore easy to remove.

Prym embroidery scissors

Small scissors with a pleasing surface and extra-sharp points for cutting off the ends of threads when embroidering.

Embroidery thread

The Prym Love thread bobbins provide you with colours directly matched to your first embroidery project.

What do you need for embroidery?

You want to learn embroidery with children or as an adult and don't know what you need? Apart from embroidery needles the most important accessory for embroidery is an embroidery frame, in which you can stretch your fabric. Embroidery frames are available in small or large sizes, and we offer a wide range of embroidery rings in a variety of sizes.

What fabric should I use for embroidery?

We recommend beginners to choose monk’s cloth (needle work canvas or Aida fabric) or a non-stretch cotton fabric. With fabrics that will stretch it is a basic principle to work with an inlay. These fleece inlays are often water-soluble or can be simply pulled away on completion of the embroidery.

How do I transfer the embroidery pattern?

To transfer the embroidery pattern, you can use either a water-erasable pen or a transfer pencil, which transfers the pattern by means of heat. If you are embroidering on washable interfacing, you can transfer your pattern with another pencil. However, the important thing is that there should be no marks left behind on the fabric.

Which embroidery thread should I buy?

Embroidery thread is sold in sets or in individual skeins. Sets of embroidery thread have the advantage that the colours are already coordinated with each other and you do not have to bother about the ideal colour combination; you can simply begin your embroidery. If you have bought embroidery threads in individual skeins, thread bobbins are ideal for keeping your threads tidy, since otherwise the threads tend to knot together. You can sort your embroidery threads in an embroidery thread box so that you can find them at a quick glance.

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