Braces clips to sew on

  • Clips for braces for sewing on
  • Hinged buckle for variable adjustment of the strap length
  • Reliable closing function
Sales unit
2 pieces
Variant overview

Product information

The clip on your braces or dungarees is broken due to heavy wear on one or both sides? No problem, because it can be comfortably replaced with these clips for braces. The clips are simply sewn onto the loop - the new fastener is finished. Furthermore, the length of the strap can be varied by means of a hinged buckle and at the same time it provides a secure hold of the strap by means of its toothing. The silver coloured brace clips impress with their reliable closing mechanism, the pressure of which does not decrease even with frequent use. They are available in different widths.

Product details

Article name
Braces clips to sew on
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID
product image Braces clips, 35mm, silver-coloured 35 mm silver-coloured Card 2 pieces 5 CRD 405270
product image Braces clips, 30mm, silver-coloured 30 mm silver-coloured Card 2 pieces 5 CRD 405224
product image Braces clips, 18mm, silver-coloured 18 mm silver-coloured Card 2 pieces 5 CRD 405220
product image Braces clips, 25mm, silver-coloured 25 mm silver-coloured Card 2 pieces 5 CRD 405228
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