Crochet rings

  • Plastic rings for crocheting in many different shapes and sizes
  • For creating jewellery, napkin rings, and much more.
  • Flat or round version
  • Crocheting accessories for creative design
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Whether it's napkin rings, earrings, jewellery, or a tablecloth: Your creativity will be limitless when crocheting with Prym's crochet rings. The white, plastic rings work well with any crochet yarn of your choice and be turned into colourful eye-catchers. Prym carries the flat rings, suitable for tablecloths, in the 26 mm and 36 mm diameters. Crochet rings 30 mm and 39 mm in diameter are available for jewellery, mobiles, or napkin rings. These crocheting accessories can easily be used to create pieces of jewellery and decorations for the living room and clothing to set new accents.

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Crochet rings
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID
product image Crochet rings round, 39mm, white Ø 39 mm white Polybag 30 pieces 3 BAG 624143
product image Crochet rings round, 30mm, white Ø 30 mm white Polybag 30 pieces 3 BAG 624142
product image Crochet rings flat, 36mm, white Ø 36 mm white Polybag 50 pieces 3 BAG 624141
product image Crochet rings flat, 26mm, white Ø 26 mm white Polybag 96 pieces 3 BAG 624140
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