Cuddly cushion with snowflake

When it's frosty cold outside, you can make yourself all the more cosy inside with this cuddly soft cushion made from cotton fleece.

The snowflake is appliquéd with creative fleece. You can design it individually using the modular system and use it for different cushion sizes. Whether 50 x 50 cm, 40 x 60 cm or 40 x 40 cm as shown here in the design example, the choice is yours!

Arrange the snowflake motif in the centre or on one side edge and design the crystals anew for each cushion. In the following I will show you step by step how it works.

Please read the instructions before you start.

I hope you enjoy sewing, Gesine from

P.S. The cushion also makes a great last-minute gift!


The specifications refer to a cushion of size 40 cm x 40 cm.


Step 1 - Preparations

Download the templates and print them out in "actual size".

The template offers you a modular system. It contains a basic snowflake framework and elements for designing the crystals. Use these parts or add your own for individualisation.

In the design example shown here, I use 4 small diamonds and 8 tips.

Place the template under the creative fleece and transfer the motifs with a pencil onto the paper side of the fleece. Leave some space between the shapes.

Step 2 - Cut out the motifs

Place the white cotton fabric with the wrong side facing up and the prepared creative fleece motifs with the coated side on top. The paper side faces up.

Iron the motifs onto the fabric (iron setting: 2 points) and let them cool down.

Now you can cut out the individual shapes exactly and then carefully remove the backing paper.

Step 3 - Iron on the appliqué

Cut a square of 45 cm x 45 cm from the blue fleece. Lay it smoothly in front of you with the right side facing up.

Start with the base and arrange the individual parts of the snowflake. The side of the motifs coated with the creative fleece faces downwards.

Smooth out the application and gradually add the additional crystal elements.Tip: Take your time to align all the pieces and check their arrangement, as well as the size of your snowflake in relation to the desired cushion size and position. You can also shorten individual star rays for the design of the motif.

Iron on your entire motif step by step with light pressure. Tip: Do not push the iron, but always put it back on and press it firmly.

The creative fleece makes the appliqué stick to the fleece. Allow it to cool briefly and place the embroidery stabiliser underneath.

Step 4 - Sew on the motif

Choose your thread in a matching colour or an extra contrasting colour and sew on your motif.

Tip: Here, too, your creativity can run wild. You can simply frame the individual shapes with a straight stitch or use a decorative stitch for this. You can also "sew paint" and design the areas additionally.

Carefully remove the stabilizer from the back of your work. Trim the front of the cushion to 42 cm x 42 cm. Trim the back to the same size.

Step 5 - Sew in the zipper

Cut the zip end pieces from the remnants of the cut you just made. They are as wide as the zip tape and at least 7 cm long.

Sew the two zip end pieces right sides together to the two ends of the zip.

Mark the centre of the extended zip with a pin. Place this centre flush with the centre of the bottom edge of the cushion front.

Pin the two together and sew with the zip foot on your sewing machine.

Step 6 - Finishing

Sew the other long edge of the zip to the cushion back blank in the same way, right sides together.

Trim the overhanging zip end pieces.

Open the zip. (Important! It is the later turning opening!)

Place the front and back of the cushion flush right sides together and pin the edges. Start sewing the side edges, starting from the zip end pieces. The seams will be on top of each other. The seam allowance is 1 cm. Trim the corners after sewing.

Turn the cushion cover right side out and shape the corners with the corner and edge former.

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