Eyelets, without washers

  • Versatile eyelets
  • Tool for attaching with little effort
  • Corrosion resistant
Sales unit
50 pieces
Ø 4 mm
Variant overview

Product information

Practical eyelets in different quantities and diameters, which make sewing fans’ hearts beat just that little bit faster! Available in silver, gold-coloured, antique brass or burnished, the eyelets can be attached without effort using the included tool and a hammer - the result is a clean finish without deformation or material damage. The eyelets are made from stainless brass, are versatile and can be used for awnings and curtains. They have no end washers on the back.

Product details

Article name
Eyelets, without washers
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID
product image Eyelets, 4.0mm, black oxydized Ø 4 mm black oxidized Card 50 pieces 5 CRD 542402
product image Eyelets, 4.0mm, gold-coloured Ø 4 mm gold-coloured Card 50 pieces 5 CRD 542401
product image Eyelets, 4.0mm, silver-coloured Ø 4 mm silver-coloured Card 50 pieces 5 CRD 542400
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