hooks and eyes

  • Hooks and eyelets for fastening jackets, heavy skirts, traditional costumes and much more.
  • Made of black or silver-coated, stainless iron
  • Comfortable to open and close
  • Available as a 12-pack set or separately in 500-unit packages
Sales unit
Variant overview

Product information

These hooks and eyes for jerkins in size 9 are the right fastenings for heavy clothing such as jackets and traditional costumes. Unlike buttons, these silver or black-coated iron hooks and eyes can be sewn onto clothing virtually indiscernibly, preventing the material's design from being affected by button plackets. Hooks and eyes for jerkins are available from Prym both as a 12-pack set and separately in 500-unit packages. The fastenings made of rust-protected iron have been produced fully burr-free and can be comfortably opened and closed.

Product details

Article name
hooks and eyes
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID
product image Eyes No. 9, silver-coloured, box Eyes for jerkins silver-coloured Carton 500 pieces 1 CTN 261532
product image Hooks, No. 9/10, silver-coloured, box Hooks for jerkins silver-coloured Carton 500 pieces 1 CTN 261522
product image Hooks and eyes, No. 9, black no. 9 black Card 12 pieces 5 CRD 261458
product image Hooks and eyes, No. 9, silver-coloured no. 9 silver-coloured Card 12 pieces 5 CRD 261457
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