Knit-in tape, reflecting

  • Silver-coloured reflective knit-in thread and tape
  • Increased safety in outdoor activities and in traffic
  • Thread thickness: 0.5 mm and 1 mm
  • Fancy yarn is processed together with normal thread in knitting or crochet.
silver-coloured reflective
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Product information

Both knit-in thread and knit-in tape are coated with a reflective material and can be worked into knitting and crochet projects together with the ordinary yarn. This gives the caps, cuffs or wristlets knitted with it a reflector effect. In this way the fancy yarn ensures increased safety in traffic in the dark winter months or during outdoor sports activities. The yarn and the tape with the silvery reflective effect are available in 0.5 mm and 1 mm thicknesses and can be washed at a temperature of up to 30 degrees.

Product details

Article name
Knit-in tape, reflecting
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID
product image Reflecting knit-in thread 0,5mm Ø 0.5 mm x 50 m silver-coloured reflective Card 50 m 5 CRD 977500
product image Reflecting knit-in tape 1mm Ø 1 mm x 25 m silver-coloured reflective Card 25 m 5 CRD 977501
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