Knooking needles

  • Made of high-quality aluminium
  • Available in 4 mm and 6 mm gauges
  • Crocheting with a rope appearance
Sales unit
1 piece
Variant overview

Product information

Knooking, a technique combining knitting and crocheting, has its origins in the USA. The name is made of the words "knit” (=knitting) and "hook” (=hooking or crocheting), creating the term "Knooking". Prym offers knooking needles in its product line in the usual gauges of 4 mm and 6 mm in red and blue for this trendy handicraft. These knooking needles are made of high-quality aluminium and have a hook in the front like a crochet needle. The rear end has a long eyelet for passing the thread.

Product details

Article name
Knooking needles
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID Availabilty
product image Knooking needle, 6.00mm Ø 6 mm x 16.5 cm blue Card 1 piece 5 CRD 195908
product image Knooking needle, 4.00mm Ø 4 mm x 16.5 cm red Card 1 piece 5 CRD 195904
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