Linen thread in various colours

  • Thread made from 100% linen
  • Very high tensile strength and stability
  • 2 thread stars, each with 20 m sewing thread
  • Washable up to 40 degrees
Sales unit
2 pieces
20 m
Variant overview

Product information

Twisted thread is known as a particularly break-resistant and stable sewing thread. The linen thread from Prym is made by twisting together several threads and it is therefore ideal for use in decorative seams, but it is also frequently used to sew buttons onto work wear. It is available in the colours, black, white, grey and brown on the traditional blue plastic thread star. The packet contains two stars, each with 20 m linen thread. To secure the loose end of the thread each third segment of the star has a notch, into which the thread can be secured.

Product details

Article name
Linen thread in various colours
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID
product image Linen thread, brown, 20m 20 m brown Card 2 pieces 5 CRD 970844
product image Linen thread, grey, 20m 20 m grey Card 2 pieces 5 CRD 970843
product image Linen thread, white, 20m 20 m white Card 2 pieces 5 CRD 970841
product image Linen thread, black, 20m 20 m black Card 2 pieces 5 CRD 970840
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