Mattress needles with single point

  • Mattress needles for working on cushions and mattresses
  • Long, stable handicraft needles with eyelet
  • In various sizes
  • Made of hardened steel
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Product information

These mattress needles made of hardened steel are an indispensable tool for upholstering. Prym offers these long, stable hand sewing needles with eyelet in six different sizes between 100 mm and 250 mm in length. Whether it's a mattress or upholstered cushion: These hardened needles can be precisely guided through any filling. For professional upholstery shop needs, Prym offers these mattress needles in all six thicknesses in packages of 25 units each. They are also available in packages of 2 in size 2.35 mm x 250 mm.

Product details

Article name
Mattress needles with single point
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID Availabilty
product image Mattress needles, 2.15x 150mm, silver-coloured Ø 2.15 mm x 150 mm 6" silver-coloured Envelope 25 pieces 5 ENV 131468
product image Mattress needles, 2.00 x 125mm, silver-coloured Ø 2 mm x 125 mm 5" silver-coloured Envelope 25 pieces 5 ENV 131467
product image Mattress needles, 1.80 x 100mm, silver-coloured Ø 1.8 mm x 100 mm 4" silver-coloured Envelope 25 pieces 5 ENV 131466
product image Mattress needles, 2.35 x 250mm, silver-coloured Ø 2.35 mm x 250 mm 10" silver-coloured Card 2 pieces 5 CRD 131490
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