Mirror, my love!

You are my friend.

Look at yourself in the face, in profile or from behind. Observe yourself. See shapes and contours. It can be difficult. There are mornings when you run away from it and evenings when you cherish it. Your reflection is yours, it is unique. Take the time to discover it, bit by bit, and accept what it is: a part of you. So approach the mirror and kiss each of your cells.



Drawing transfer

There are several techniques to transfer the design to your fabric:

The screen technique

which as the name suggests, requires ... a screen (laptop, tablet) Open the model page and place your hoop on the screen. You should see the drawing appear. With the erasable pen, transfer the model to the fabric. Do not hesitate to increase the brightness of the screen.

The window technique

which as its name suggests, requires ... a window and printing the model you want. Tape the design to the window. .With the erasable pen, transfer the model onto the fabric. Feel free to use needles to fix the design to the fabric.

Strands separation)

Each thread is made up of 6 strands. To make this model, you will only need one strand. If you want to add texture and volume to fill the hearts, use 2 strands. To separate the strands, roll the thread between your fingers, the threads will start to pull away from each other. You will only have to pull to retrieve a strand.

Back stitch

The back stitch is the basic stitch of the embroidery. It is also the easiest to make and that's good because it's the one we're going to use the most. He will help us to make the outlines of all the mirrors.

Tips: For a nice result, try to make "lines" of the same length. It is a perfect point for rounding.

Back stitch whipped

The whipped back stitch allows you to finalize and give more regularity to the back stitch. Pass your needle under each "line" made by the back stitch.

Tips: Always pass your needle in the same direction. It is better to stop the point and make a new one for the angles.

Lazy Daisy

The lazy daisy is a bit more complex but nothing insurmountable! You will love its pretty flower petal shape.

Tips: do not pull on the thread too much. Feel free to fill in the "petal" with just a single dot to give it some texture.

Remove marker traces

When you have finished embroidering your bag, T-shirt ..., all you have to do is rinse it with water (lukewarm or hot) to erase the traces of the pencil. And There you go ! You have finished ! You can be proud of yourself!

A self-presentation

Caroline – Yes or Knot

I'm Caroline, hands behind Yes Or Knot.

My hands have always been on the move. So they test, they try, they make mistakes and they start over ... until the (not so distant) day when they stopped.

They had found. It will be the embroidery. They will play with threads, needles and pieces of fabric. They will mix techniques and create texture and volume. And above all, they will be able to touch color.

Yes or Knot is about discovery and curiosity. It is a space where we can make mistakes. It's in motion, always evolving. It's open and caring. Yes or Knot, it's great...

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