Pin cushion/Fixing weight

  • Two in one: pin cushion and fixing weight
  • 4 different types: orange, kiwi or melon
  • For easy and flexible positioning of sewing patterns and fabrics
Sales unit
1 piece
Ø 6 cm
Variant overview

Product information

Two-in-one use – twice as useful: these pretty helpers in an orange, kiwi or melon design from the Prym Love collection are on the one hand useful as a decorative pin cushion in every sewing corner and on the other are ideal for use as a fixing weight for the next sewing project. Fabrics and sewing patterns can be easily positioned on the cutting mat and cut out with the rotary cutter. Even thin pattern paper and delicate fabrics are held in place without any problem. With their soft, crocheted surface the fixing weights in their fresh design leave no pressure marks and therefore protect the fabric to be cut out. This makes good sense especially with very fine materials, but it is also useful for textiles made from oilcloth or soft shell fabrics, on which pins would leave holes.

Product details

Article name
Pin cushion/Fixing weight
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID
product image Pin cushion/Fixing weight, Prym Love, kiwi Ø 6 cm olive, green Card 1 piece 3 CRD 610331
product image Pin cushion/Fixing weight, Prym Love, orange Ø 6 cm orange, white Card 1 piece 3 CRD 610330
product image Pin cushion/Fixing weight, Prym Love, melon Ø 6 cm green, red Card 1 piece 3 CRD 610332
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