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Celebrate Happiness

Crafts have been our passion since 1530. We love variety. Combined with almost 500 years of artisanal excellence and our passion for creativity, this allows us to deliver high-quality, sustainable, innovative products and the inspiration to go with them! We believe that handi-crafts improve mood because creativity sparks joy. So we want to guide you on your journey to discover your handmade happiness project and share our joy with you: happiness is handmade.

Experience happiness!

Celebrate variety

A multifaceted approach will help you find the solution. Our broad range means that we have the right product for almost any craft technique or problem. Whatever style, expertise or age, we aim to inject joy into your craft!

Celebrate creativity

We are all creative in our own way every day – in our crafts and in our day-to-day tasks. Creativity is our passion. It is what inspires us to stretch ourselves, to grow and to share our knowledge. It is the fountain of progress and the foundation for our high-quality products. We want to help you to be creative at home so we are offering you a choice of craft instructions as well as tips and tricks and plenty of #prymspiration.

Celebrate crafts

We live for crafts. And we think our centuries of experience, along with our reliable, high-quality, innovative products, and our pursuit of sustainability make us the ideal people to help you find your crafting joy. The broad range offered by Prym brands fosters uniqueness and creativity. Celebrate crafting excellence with us!

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Prym Originals

Happiness is sharing traditions.

We know how important it is to pass on traditions and values to the next generation – it even forms parts of our Prym quality promise. That is why we are constantly developing the Prym Originals range to offer the right tool for any level of expertise at that trusted level of Prym quality.

Discover quality born in Germany

Prym Love

Happiness is selfmade individuality.

Be your own influencer and use your craft projects to realise your own, personal style. Prym Love is more than a colour. It is the key to your self-expression.

Fall in love again!

Union Knopf by Prym

Happiness is passion for design.

Fashion is more than your inspiration, it is your life! The details make all the difference and ensure that your masterpiece will make the right impression. Let loose your passion for design with our top-quality, stylish products designed in Germany.

Make masterpieces

Prym 1530

Happiness is creating sustainability.

Prym 1530 is here to help you make the best choice for the environment. Let’s work together to find joy in sustainability. Prym 1530 is a constantly growing range, offering more sustainable crafting tools and plenty of inspiration to help reduce your carbon footprint and ours.

Make a difference

Prym ergonomics

Happiness is handmade harmony.

Prym ergonomics will help your creative juices to flow, bringing comfort and a pleasing aesthetic into your crafting space. Our ergonomic innovations, functions and precision were developed in Germany to boost your well-being.

Discover quality

500 years’ experience

We are one of Germany’s oldest family-run companies with a global name in metalworking for niche markets. Our branches around the world keep us close to our customers in four market segments Prym Consumer, Prym Fashion, Prym Intimates and INOVAN. We are the experts when you need innovative products to facilitate creative making and crafting, and to make them more beautiful.

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The Prym Consumer division is a leading provider of sewing accessories, creative crafting products and fashion accessories. We are always developing new products, optimising our manufacturing processes for sustainability and orienting our business towards the customer to offer professional advice and provide a solid foundation to keep growing our market share. The Prym Consumer network is an internationally successful company with around 3,300 employers at sites across Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Our initiatives:

We are members of amfori, the world-leading business association working for transparent and sustainable business. We are optimising the social sustainability of our supply chains with amfori BSCI.

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