Tailor’s thimbles

  • Classic thimble with open top
  • Particularly suitable for pushing the needle laterally
  • Made from sturdy steel
  • 3 sizes: Ø 16 mm, 17 mm and 18 mm
Sales unit
1 piece
Variant overview

Product information

Even for users who prefer to work with a tailor’s thimble, Prym offers the right products. The tailor’s thimble, unlike normal thimbles, dispenses with the closed dome and therefore has dot shaped notches on the side, allowing for lateral sliding of the needle. Prym makes the tailor’s thimble from silver coloured steel in sizes 16 mm, 17 mm and 18 mm. A rim at the lower edge of the tailor’s thimble prevents slipping of the needle and provides additional protection during sewing as in the case of the thimble.

Product details

Article name
Tailor’s thimbles
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID
product image Tailor’s thimble, 18.0mm, blank Ø 18 mm silver-coloured Piece 1 piece 10 PC 431314
product image Tailor’s thimble, 17.0mm, blank Ø 17 mm silver-coloured Piece 1 piece 10 PC 431313
product image Tailor’s thimble, 16.0mm, blank Ø 16 mm silver-coloured Piece 1 piece 10 PC 431312
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