Twill linen buttons

  • Plastic linen buttons with white cotton tape, wrapped for hot washes
  • Sizes 15 mm and 17 mm
  • Boil-proof and mangle-proof, suitable for the dryer
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Product information

These white linen buttons with a delicate thread design are suitable for bedsheets, nightgowns, or decorating fine lace. These durable, plastic and cotton yarn buttons are the best choice for hot wash laundry that is often washed at 95 degrees. They are boil-proof and mangle-proof, ironable, and can also be dried in a clothes dryer. Prym offers them in sizes 15 mm and 17 mm. One package contains between 14 to 18 buttons, depending on the button size.

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Twill linen buttons
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Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID
product image Twill linen buttons, 15mm, white Ø 15 mm white Card 18 pieces 5 CRD 302154
product image Twill linen buttons, 17mm, white Ø 17 mm white Card 16 pieces 5 CRD 302155
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