• Bobbins for winding small quantities of wool
  • Prevents multiple threads from being knotted together during knitting
  • 6 large bobbins at 9 cm or 10 small spools at 6.2 cm
  • Made of stable plastic
assorted colours
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Product information

Prym's wool bobbins ensure clear work while knitting complicated patterns or when storing leftover wool. Small quantities of wool can be comfortably and practically rolled up onto the optional six large or ten small bobbins made of stable plastic. This fully prevents the wool threads from becoming tangled and knotted, making this aid indispensable in neutral colours when knitting or crocheting. The top part of the bobbin contains a groove, in which the end of the wool thread can get wedged to secure the yarn.

Product details

Article name
Wool bobbins
SAP-Material No.
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product image Wool bobbins small, assorted colours - assorted colours Card 10 pieces 5 CRD 611867
product image Wool bobbins large, assorted colours - assorted colours Card 6 pieces 5 CRD 611863
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